Easy launch and retrieval

Policy and rules

Tractors are available to OBC members aged over 18 years who have completed tractor instruction from OBC staff and proven competency. The tractor policy and rules have changed to comply with the operational guidelines of the tractor manufacturers. Vessels greater than 7 metres tip-to-tip hull length (including bowsprit and boarding platform) need a weight certificate for the boat/trailer combination. Please contact the office for guidance.

Tractors are available for moving vessels to and from ramps, and should not be left attached while vessel repairs are undertaken.   

A log book is provided in the tool-kit box on each tractor. This needs to be filled-in each time a tractor is used.

Faults: Please advise OBC staff of any fault or damage to the club tractors. Faults and/or damage needs to be attended to as quickly as possible so other members are not inconvenienced.