Safe and easy boat storage

The beauty of hard stands

Hardstands are permanent boat parking spaces available to members.

If you are a hardstand licence holder and taking your boat off site, complete this form, to record your offsite launching

**Current waitlist as at May 2024 = 170 members (approximately 3-3.5 years wait time). Read more below ...



As at 1 June 2024 incl GST:

<5m to 5.99m vessel length   $3,329 per annum

6m to 6.99m vessel length      $3,465 per annum

7m to 7.99m vessel length      $3,625 per annum

>8m vessel length                        $3,717 per annum

Paid in advance by June 30 or four quarterly payments by direct debit on the following dates:

30 June, 1 September, 1 December and 1 March. 

Rental period covered is 1 June to 31 May.


The current waitlist period is approximately 36-42 months. 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to ensure the member's name is waitlisted.

The member must remain a financial member of OBC to remain on the waitlist.

When the member's name has reached the top 20, a further 25% holding deposit will be invoiced.  The 25% deposit is refundable and is deducted from the first year's hardstand invoice.


Allocated space is for member's vessel only.

Vessel must be inspected in order to use launching ramps. Hardstand licence holder(s) must be current financial members of the OBC. 

A condition of hardstand usage is in place.  The member's vessel needs to be launched and retrieved from the Club ramps a minimum of 10 times per year (June-May).  The 10 launches are verified by gate access records.  The hardstand facility may be withdrawn if the usage criteria is not met (subject to mitigating circumstances, ie health, disability etc.) Three hours constitutes as time from gate entry to gate exit.

Relinquished: One month's notice must be given to relinquish hardstand spaces.
Partners in Vessel: OBC vessels are required to complete a boat inspection before the vessel can be stored on a hardstand or launched/retrieved on Club ramps.  If the existing member who has been allocated the hardstand space wishes to relinquish, this hardstand is not transferred to the partner(s) unless proof of a minimum three years joint ownership can be confirmed.
Warrant of Fitness:  Member's boat trailer must have a current warrant of fitness and registration.
Tidiness:  All vessels must be kept in a tidy condition and fitted covers must be securely tightened.
Licence: A copy of the current licence may be found here