Public Launching


Public Launching at the OBC

Public Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access is permitted provided you first report to the Administration office and keep to the designated pathways. 


Safety Statement

The Outboard Boating Club is proud of our safety record. As such we have an obligation to ensure all public launching using the two public launch ramps is carried out in conformance with the club's Regulatory Consent Requirements.  OBC will not permit the launching of any boat that does not carry the following basic Coastguard recommended safety equipment.

  1. Fire extinguisher 0.9kg multi-purpose dry powder certified within previous 12 months
  2. Reasonably stocked First Aid kit
  3. Two current hand-held flares and one daytime orange smoke flare
  4. NZ standards life jacket - one for each person on the boat
  5. 900mm rescue orange safety square/ V distress sheet
  6. Bailing bucket, robust knife, powerful torch / spare batteries and a compass
  7. Marine radio or cell phone
  8. Mooring line at least 1.5 times length of boat
  9. Anchor and chain (at least 1.5 times length of boat)
  10. Navigation lights must fitted must be in working order
  11. Boat name clearly visible 90mm minimum font size (Auckland Council Navigation Bylaw 2021)
  12. Navigational charts, NZ532, NZ5321, NZ5324


Launch booking procedures

Boat / safety equipment inspections must be completed before a launch can take place.  Inspection bookings must be made through OBC Administration.  During the summer period weekend bookings for boat inspections are not available. Various club event days are held throughout the year. To avoid being refused entry on these days it is recommended that you first check with OBC Administration.


Access Hours

Summer (Labour Day through to Easter Monday): 0800 to 2100hrs
Winter (all other times): 0800 to 1900hrs

Public users must launch and retrieve within these hours on the same day for which two clearly marked public ramps have been designated.

There is no overnight parking or provision for onsite parking outside the access hours outlined above.

There is no access to any club facilities including wash down.

The club operates a 'tow away' policy so please ensure you plan your boating day accordingly so as to launch and retrieve within these time frames. 



There is no charge for onsite parking. There is an inspection fee of $30 (boats need re-inspecting annually). Launch fees are paid at OBC Administration. An $30.00 fee for each launch is charged.


Launching Procedures

  1. On arrival you will be directed where to station the boat ready for the inspector. Designated public car/trailer parking is the grass area adjacent to the entry gate barrier arms. Please note that parking in blue or yellow marked parking spaces runs the risk of being towed away. Once your vessel has passed the safety inspection you are free to launch / retrieve using either of the two clearly marked 'public ramps'
  2. Observe site speed limits - a No Wake Zone exists within the confines of the marina. Users observed launching in an unsafe manner or exceeding the speed limits are likely to be prohibited from using the public launch facilities for a period of time as determined by OBC Management
  3. Boat to remain connected to trailer by safety chain and not released until boat correctly positioned at the launching pier 
  4. No persons on board during launch
  5. Boat not to be turned around until clear of launch pier
  6. When departing the ramp keep to the right of the channel and vice versa on return
  7. Give way to larger vessels manoeuvring around the marina


Club Member Facilities

  • Unlimited launchings and retrievals from 14 purpose built ramps
  • 10 boat / outboard wash down stations
  • Fish filleting station
  • Fish waste disposal
  • 24/7 Clubrooms access including kitchen and coffee making facilities
  • Temporary and long term on-site boat storage at reasonable rates (subject to availability)
  • Overnight holding berths for early departure 'fisho's' (subject to on the day availability)
  • On-site security outside office hours
  • Family-friendly events ie kid's fishing competitions and movie nights
  • Marine / fishing related presentations by subject matter experts
  • A vibrant and supportive club atmosphere