An Evening with Victory Knives & Kai Ika

Wednesday 6th March 2024

Victory Knives & Kai Ika - Wednesday 6th March - Bar open from 6:30pm

Catching fish can be easy, making sure you get the most out of every fish is the difficult part.
Learn the art of fish filleting through an in-depth presentation from the team from The Kai Ika Project. Dave Ahoia has over 30 years’ experience and will teach you how to fillet, skin and bone, process the heads and frames, remove the wings and the most important thing, avoiding contamination from the guts.
You will walk away with a greater understanding of how to achieve maximum recovery of every fish you process. This is not only just about filleting, they will also help you recognise different and delicious secondary cuts of a fish.
In conjunction with Gareth from Victory Knives, they will discuss knife selection and how to sharpen and maintain your knives. A sharp knife is a safe knife!
This demonstration is for everyone. From the seasoned vet to the absolute beginner, they cater to your experience levels and make sure you walk away with the confidence to fillet your next fish like a pro!
You will also have the opportunity to purchase knives at the event which includes the Kai Ika branded Victory Knives set, along with a range of LegaSea Merchandise. Bring your wallet!
Bar will be open from 6:30pm.

Bring the family along! 

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