Fuel Jetty

OBC Fuel Jetty

Fueling your boat has never been so easy

The OBC fuel jetty can be used by all members, or marina leasees. There are two diesel dispensers and one 95 Petrol dispenser available for your convenience. Please note, B Pier marina is not accessible via the Fuel Jetty. 

All users should also note there is a delay before dispensers will commence filling. This delay can be anything up to one minute as the system goes through a safety check. 

Payment is via Mobilcard or OBC white card only. These cards require coding through the OBC Pump Manager prior to use. Contact the OBC Office for further information on how to have your card coded in to the Pump Manager. (Eftpos/Credit Card/Cash service is not available). Payment is via Direct Debit twice monthly. 

Please note: The current server does not produce receipts. It is recommended that you take a note of how many litres you have dispensed and time/date of usage.

Fuel is not allowed to be decanted on this jetty or anywhere within the confines of the OBC or marina.

Any spillage must be notified immediately to the OBC Duty Staff.