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Upcoming Events ... (check out the promotions page for more information)

Fri 28th March - End of Month Drinks and Dinner

Sun 30th March - Kids Fishing Competition

Fri 11th April - Open Air Movie Night

Thurs 8th May - Quiz Night

Sat 17th May -
Kids Pizza Movie Night

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For more information about pests on or not on Hauraki Gulf islands and how to avoid introducing them, please visit
 You can help by:
  • Checking your boat or kayak and gear for rodent and insect stowaways before you leave the mainland.
  • Cleaning your footwear, clothing and gear and checking for seeds - weeds are a problem on the island.
  • Packing luggage or food you are bringing to the island in rodent proof containers - no open containers or plastic bags please.
  • Leaving your dog or other domestic pets at home - dogs pose a risk to the native species on this island.