Public Launching


Public Launching


OBC has allocated two all tide boat ramps, adjacent pontoons and up to 50 car/trailer parks for daily use by non-OBC members.

The OBC charges a daily fee for this service which is currently set at $8.00 per day. 

Non-members who wish to launch at OBC are asked to adhere to club's bylaws and rules available here.

We take boat safety seriously.  All boats launched at OBC (including non-member's boats) must carry the safety equipment specified here.  OBC requires all members and non-members to undergo a brief safety inspection to ensure that they are capable of safely launching and retrieving their boat from the club facilities.  All boat trailers must have a current WOF.

For safety reasons, non-members can only launch powerboats of no more than 8m in length with a beam of no more than 2.4 metres and may not launch jet-ski's/PWC's or kayaks from the club's ramps. The club's facilities are to be used for private recreational purposes only.  Non-members who launch or operate their boats unsafely or with excessive speed in the restricted speed zones may receive a warning from staff and/or will not be entitled to use the club's facilities until further notice.

The Club reserves the right to carry out safety check on all vessels prior to launching.



Step 1: Contact the OBC office during business hours to arrange a safety inspection of your vessel and equipment.

Step 2. Attend the safety inspection (you will need to have your boat with you).  Once complete you can register your vehicle, boat and trailer and contact details with our administration and security staff.

Step 3. Purchase launching tickets. These may be obtained from the club office, from Ferg's near Okahu Bay on Tamaki Drive and from the Coastguard offices at Mechanics bay, in each case during working hours.  Daily launching prices are currently[$8.00].  

Step 4: Confirm there is space for parking on the club grounds. The club operates a booking system for non-members on busy days, so check in with club staff before arriving on any summer weekend or public holiday to ensure there is space. Parking on Tamaki Drive is very limited and not recommended.

Step 5.  Note the access hours below. Bring your launching ticket with you when you launch your boat.  If the security arms are closed when you arrive quote your name and ticket number at the gate.



Non-members have access during the following hours:

Summer (labour day through to Easter Monday): 0700 to 1730hrs
Winter (all other times): 0730hrs to 1630hrs

Non-members must launch and retrieve during these hours on the same day. There is no overnight parking at the club for non-members.  



Car and Trailer parks for non-members are designated on the grass area on the right hand side of the entry.  Two ramps have been designated on the left hand side of the entry, i.e. the ramp nearest Tamaki Drive alongside the Pollard Jetty.  Signage is in place. Please ask club staff if you are unsure.



Unfortunately, non-members are only entitled to launch and retrieve their boats at the designated ramps and to daily parking at the club grounds.

There are a range of other facilities the club offers to its members including:

  • Unlimited launchings and retrievals from 15 purpose built ramps
  • Washdown facilities
  • Filleting station and fish frame disposal
  • Toilets and showers
  • Clubrooms including kitchen and coffee making facilities
  • Temporary and long term on-site boat storage at reasonable rates (subject to availability)
  • Holding berths
  • 24/7 secure access
  • A range regular family friendly events
  • A vibrant and supportive club atmosphere





Pedestrian access is available to the designated public boat ramps to the north of the clubrooms, the grass reserve area to the west of the main entrance/clubrooms, and along the footpath along the rock spall to the South of the OBC marina. Non-members are welcome to access these areas to enjoy the views of the marina and Hobson Bay. 

Pedestrian access is off Tamaki Drive (past the security arms).  Non-member access is restricted outside of the hours of 0600 - 2100hrs from Labour Day to Easter Monday and 0600 - 1900hrs other times for security reasons.  

Access to other parts of the OBC site are limited to OBC members for safety and security reasons.

Marina piers are accessible by berth holders only.