The Band that got our Members shaking ...

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The band that had the Members shaking ...

Mike, Eric, Michael and Carolynn put together the new band, The Old Buggers Club (OBC) Band only three weeks ago.  What they pulled off was a feat to themselves.  They were all incredibly enthuasiastic and excited to perform for the OBC Members.

Michael was so keen in fact that he started the set at 6:50pm (40 minutes before they were scheduled to start).  

After mountains of pizza - the Members were up and dancing within a few songs.  During the evening almost every seat was empty asthey danced along to the hits that continuously rolled on throughout the night.  The band finally finished up just before 10pm - three hours of music and dancing.  The band only took a small break half way through - just amazing!

The feedback was excellent, everyone had a great time.  In fact, such a fun time was had, you'll be pleased to hear that we've invited them back to sing and play for us at the OBC Xmas Party on Friday 28th November and they've all happily accepted.  There'll be more hits with a few rock classics and of course your favourite xmas tunes.

Put on your xmas colours, dancing shoes and join us, this will be another fun OBC Xmas event.  See more here.








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