Joining the OBC

Auckland's best boating club

Joining the OBC

Welcome to the OBC!

We are delighted that you are considering becoming an OBC member. Our members are very proud of our Club and we actively encourage new members to join and share in our facilities.  We have made joining our Club an easy three step process: 

  1. Complete a New Member Application Form (print here)
  2. Attendance at a New Member Orientation Evening
  3. Your boat passing our OBC Vessel Safety Inspection  

Joining the OBC can take less than 3 weeks (normally 5 - 6 weeks) - it's up to you and how organised you are to attend the next New Member Orientation Evening and book your boat for the OBC Vessel Safety Inspection (following the Orientation Evening).  

We suggest when you submit your application for membership that you: 

  1. Diariase to attend the next New Member Orientation Evening (held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6:00pm excluding January)
  2. Book your boat for a Vessel Safety inspection on a Saturday following the New Member Orientation evening that you plan to attend.  (Bookings can be made at the OBC Office or by phone.)


Reap the benefits of an OBC Membership: 

  • Join a vibrant Club community who enjoy boating in the Hauraki Gulf, fostering the protection and development of the Hauraki Gulf for future generations and encouraging safe boating practises for all
  • Boat launching facilities from the clubs 15 all weather ramps
  • Secure parking facilities for car and trailer
  • Use of Clubhouse and invitations to the many social club functions from fishing events, themed dinners through to watching rugby on the big screen
  • Fish filleting station 
  • Boat wash down facilities
  • Temporary boat storage facilities
  • A club monthly magazine "The Outboarder" containing information about the Club and matters relevant to those with boats.
  • An invitation to attend club meetings and become involved in developing the future direction of the club


  • Family Member
  • Ordinary Member


  1. Complete the New Member Application form (print here
  2. New members must be proposed by a) Either, two existing Club Members or two reputable personal contacts or b) A Club Manager (in person) at the OBC office 
  3. Submit the application form along with Entrance and Annual Subscription Fee's to the OBC office by email, in person or by mail
  4. Application acceptance by the Club Committee
  5. Attendance at a New Member Orientation Evening (held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, excluding January)
  6. OBC Vessel Safety Inspection pass, issue of Club Membership gate card, pennant and stickers

Becoming an OBC Club member is an easy process but please note:

  1. You must fully complete your New Member Application Form and pay the fees due
  2. Your application must be approved by the Club (all New Members' names are forwarded to the monthly Executive Committee meetings for their consideration and approval. Members will be advised of their acceptance after this meeting)
  3. You must attend a New Member Orientation Evening
  4. Your boat must pass the OBC Vessel Safety Inspection



OBC has a very reasonable Annual Subscription Fee which is paid annually in August/September. Like many clubs who provide high value facilities to members, there is an initial New Member Entrance Fee payable on joining the club. For the second and future years only the Annual Subscription Fee is payable. Please note the New Member Entrance Fee is not refundable on your leaving the club.

(All prices include GST)

New Member Entrance Fee: $450.00

(Your Entrance Fee is a contribution to the Club's outstanding facilities and availability to partake in the Club's numerous events.)  

Annual Subscription Fee
Ordinary Member Category: $285.00 
Total: $735.00 
Family Member Category: $310.00          
Total: $760.00

Family membership covers a wife or husband and sons/daughters aged between 15-21 years of age who are permanently residing in the family home.   Refer to the Club Rules and Bylaws for further clarification.


The New Member Orientation Evening will educate you with the great Facilities the OBC has to offer, how we would like you and all members to care for those facilities and the Safety Standards we expect our members to uphold while boating.  They also briefly cover the history of the OBC and discuss the social functions which are organised for your families' benefit and enjoyment.

New Members Evenings are on the second Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:00pm (excluding January).


The applicant's boat and trailer must be submitted for inspection and when passed, the applicant will become a full member of the OBC.

Joining as a partner on an existing boat? A boat inspection is required.  This ensures all partners are aware of where the safety gear is on board and shows each partner is competent launching/retrieving at OBC.  

A change of boat inspection is required for all members/partners. This ensures the new vessel meets the Club requirements and safety gear carried is current. 

Inspections are carried out by voluntary inspectors most Saturday mornings. Contact the OBC Office on 09 522 0774 or email to arrange a timeslot.

It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the inspection. The inspector will be checking off requirements such as lifejackets, first aid kit,  navigation charts and a launch/retrieve test to be done to check the backing ability of the member and to ensure that the trailer's rollers are functioning correctly.

As part of the boat inspection requirements, each new member must also complete a Boating Safety Questionnaire which covers safety in small craft.